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We create “turnkey” systems, proposing customized solutions that meet the customer needs. Our team of engineers and software specialists support the customer in all phases of the supply: from the choice of system architectures with the most appropriate hardware and software solutions, to post-testing technical assistance, on site, by telephone, remotely.


The traditional market is that of public utility networks, aqueducts, purification plants, lifting plants, sewage systems, purification plants, irrigation systems, wells, reservoirs, dams, etc.


In the factory automation sector, we design and implement software and process control systems, plant automation, revamping of obsolete plants, data collection for quality control, production planning and management.


For several years, on the basis of previous experience, we have started a path of innovation, in the wake of industry 4.0 applied to urban water systems, developing some industrial research and experimental development projects on the theme of cloud computing, in particular applied to the theme of purification and reuse of waste water refined in agriculture:


PON R&C 2007-2013, IN.TE.R.R.A., REGIONAL TECHNOLOGICAL CLUSTER 2014-2015 for innovation, IUSOPTIMA, POR Puglia FESR-FSE 2014-2020, Action 1.6, Innonetwork Call, SMARTWATER, PSR PUGLIA 2014-2020 Measure 16.2, RIUBSAL .


For the performance of our specialized technological activities, in addition to operating under ISO9001:2015 and 45001:2018 certified quality systems, we have SOA certifications for OS30 (class I) and OS19 (class IV bis).




Soluzioni Package

In virtù dell’esperienza accumulata nel settore delle acque Intesis personalizza e produce soluzioni package ingegnerizzate ed approntate per parametrizzare e standardizzare l’automazione ed il telecontrollo via WEB (da postazioni fisse e mobili), da applicare a:

Valvole regolatrici operanti in una ODU, elettrovalvole o idrovalvole con pilota elettronico

Impianti di sollevamento idrico e fognario con o senza inverter

Bacino biologico di un depuratore con o senza modellazione matematica del processo

Campionatore HACH AS950 che preleva e conserva campioni di acqua rappresentativi per le analisi di laboratorio, presso un depuratore.




Of research